Get your savings to work for you

We give you all the benefits of BTC mining the technical and structural difficulties.

Welcome to Ecomining

“Investment fund for cloud-mining”

We actively invest in the Crypto market through BTC Mining operations using the latest technology available.

We give back to the investors 100% of the BTC mined. And by using green energy we get energy bill reduction of 22,3%

-We used solar panels and green batteries to power our farms.

-We invest in strategic locations where we have the right legal frame to guarantee the operation.


We offer 4 year contracts with monthly payments or re-investments plans for capital building. Join us today and check your earnings online!.

You are only one click away form the
benefits of BTC cloud-mining


High exposure to a long term bear market with an small down payment as entrance


We only invest in locations where we can guarantee the right functioning of our farms in order to provide security to our account holders.


Easy access. You can fund your account from every bank / Credit card / crypto wallet


Our technical team is working 24/7 at the service of the farms and the maintenance of the equipments.

FARM set up: enviroment

Tera Funds thinks about your security

  1. Air purification and humidity control
  2. Air ventilation/circulation
  3. Air conditioning
  4. Secure source of power
  5. Soundproof the farm
  6. Miners disposition


StrateGic locations

Security and the perfect weather-conditions


  1. Stable weather conditions
  2. Low temperatures
  3. Low humidity
  4. Lower energy costs

Green energy

We fuel our fram with solar energy form our own solar panels. And use eco-batteries to storage the energy and secure a 24/7 source of power.

Real time Simulation


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Daily income
Monthly income
Yearly income
Reinvest for
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Total Income
BTC projection

Which are our investments options?

RENT: 4 year contracts with monthly payments of the BTC mined

CAPITAL: Re-investment of the BTC mined into the existing or a new contract.


100% customized

EcoMining Family

Ray Freeman

“With Terafunds, my savings generate cumulative returns. Every time I need liquidity I get it with a single click. It is simple to operate and the accounts are clear!”

Ahmed Yamani

“I recommend Terafunds for savers with financial projection who are looking to accelerate the genuine generation of capital through savings. After signing up for the reinvestment program, my goals are now projected to be attainable in half the time.”

Ryan Azhari

“EcoMining gives me a smart entry into the future BTC market. The best way to mine without complications. High yields and low operating cost.”